Friday, October 23, 2009

Tudor Bed

I've been housebound for a few days, recovering from a back injury, and inaction combined with a tempting heap of balsa wood proved too much for me :)  I made a Tudorish bed.

I should have taken photos of the process, but it was very much improvisational (to say the least!)  I started with some basic dimensions:  6.5 long by 6.5 tall by 4" wide.  I built the head panel first (without doing all the decorative panelling -- I wanted to wait to see how high the frame would be first), then the decorative posts at the foot of the bed and attached them to a foot board.

I was pleased with the turned posts.  They're just ordinary 3" craft turnings bunged into square balsa wood top and bottom.  I made a real hash of this, so had to cover up my ghastly workmanship with some trim, which, while ghastly in itself, is better than my first attempt!

Most of the trim I cut with scissors -- gotta love balsa wood when you're feeling impatient, eh?

After these parts glued up, I joined headboard and footboard with the side rails.  I used little bits of toothpick as dowels, here, to give more strength to the joints (and to keep the darned thing together while the glue dried.

The canopy went on next, with side pieces, which further strengthened the piece, then, finally, craft sticks (popsicle or ice lolly sticks) were the perfect size for the base slats.  I painted it with burnt umber for a dark Tudor finish.

I'd like to make a fine bed out of basswood or hardwood, with everything just so, and a rope support for the mattress, but for two afternoons' work, I'm perfectly happy with this one!

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