Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our castle design

We've come up with a multi part, modular castle made of up a combination of two kinds of units:  towers and halls.  Our interest for this project, is more about fitting out the rooms than creating a really realistic model of a castle :)  A diagram of the plans is below.

Towers will be 12" deep, 12" wide and 30" tall, with three floors, each with a height of approximately 10'.

Halls are 12" deep, 30" wide and 24" tall, usually with two floors, each with a height of 10", with the final 4" of height as a rooftop area.

We're starting with The Great Hall, the biggest room of the castle.  This measures 12" deep, 30" wide and is 21" tall, with the ceiling at 18", leaving the top 3" for a protected rooftop area.

I chose to make the dollhouse units 12" deep (which is a little skimpy -- 14 or 15" would have been wonderful) because of cost.  I can buy 3/8", good one side plywood in 24" by 48" sheets, small enough for us to get home in our car, and easy enough for us to deal with in my husband's rather crowded workshop.  From those sheets, I can get quite a lot of usable material with little waste, when the dollhouse is only 12" deep.  If the cost is less important to you, then by all means make it as deep as you like -- then you may want the towers to match the depth -- if you choose to make the Halls 15" deep, then the Towers should be 15" x 15".

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  1. You have really inspired me. I have always wanted to do a dollhouse. I am going to make a castle 1:24 scale. Since it is my first project, I am doing it on the cheap. They have a cute castle at Michaels for $10 or $20 I can't remember either way I am so using a coupon. The same company also has a furniture kit for about $10 with coupon just over $5. Even though all the pieces won't work still worth it. My idea is to make a small Winterfell. I want to see the Stark family enjoying a happier time. My other idea is to buy a 1:24 scale family and dye their hair and make new clothes for them. I was thinking that maybe the children of the bigger scale family might work too? I promised my husband to clean up the basement before starting a new project but I am motivated. Thanks for your blog.


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