Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Four poster bed in William and Mary House

Here's the bed in situ in the bedroom of the William and Mary House -- I really love how it looks, even before I make and embroider the hangings! The pinkish velvet-covered mattress came with it, and looks just fine, actually -- goes very well with the wallpaper, at least :)

The chair is a Bespaq I picked up cheaply on eBay -- so typical of the period.

And I finished the strip of stonework for along the front of the main house. David bought me a triangular file and I found that did an excellent job of delineating and deepening the bevels between the stones.  Next step -- cut the right hand front door!


  1. The bed sits in there perfectly and you have such a good ceiling height. Can't wait to see it with all it's drapes.

  2. The whole room looks so grand with the four poster, even minus drapes, setting it off so well.


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