Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Three pub day yesterday :)

We did a little recce around the town of Saltburn by the Sea yesterday, taking some photos and getting a better sense of this small Victorian era resort town.  We intend to start an opera workshop here next year and David was concerned that he be able to advise future participants about the pubs :)  Of course we're also researching possibilities for the interior of the 1:12 scale pub we're going to build!

We started with The Marine, on the Marine Parade overlooking the North Sea:

Interior of the Marine in Saltburn.

Half pint of cider for me, pint of Dalesman for David and pork scratchings (definitely for him, not me!)
This is a grand, traditional Victorian pub, and although it's not the style I want to recreate in miniature, David spotted the simple construction of the round wooden tables, which will be easy to replicate in 1:12 scale:

Then we moved on to The Victoria, in the centre of the town.
Pint of Deuchars for David, half of cider for me and MORE pork scratchings!
I loved this pub.  Fabulous atmosphere and if I was going to recreate a high Victorian pub, this is the one I'd choose.  Look at the light fixtures -- they're divine!

Then we completed our three pub day with a pint at one of our very favourite local pubs, The Fox and Hounds in Dalehouse near Staithes. Sorry the photo is crap -- this back room is lovely and dark and my camera didn't like it :)  But the hammered copper table top would be fun to do in 1:12 scale ...

Pint of Adnams bitter, diet coke and NO pork scratchings :)
 We're off to York this morning, to visit the dolls' house shop and the model shop.  More soon!


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