Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Captain Cook pub in Staithes

It was a very wet day on Thursday, and David and I slept in, then grabbed the papers and went out in search of a pub to read them in.  We tried a couple in Loftus, one was rammed with folks and the other was clearly hosting a wake!  We then moved on to the Captain Cook Inn at the top of the town in Staithes.

We love this pub.  The big Victorian pubs have their admirers, but I prefer a country pub.   I know the Captain Cook wouldn't be everyone's pint of bitter -- it's shabby and dark -- but it's comfortable, is a great place to spread out ones papers and relax, and best of all, it has GREAT beer and cider.  David had a pint of a guest bitter and I had some tremendously strong and delicious cider.

Pint of bitter, half of very strong cider and Mr Porky-brand pork scratchings!

 The tables, shown above and below, would be great for the do-it-yourself 1:12 scale pub builder :)

And in the corner they even have a 1:12 scale pub of their own!

Then we came home and watched bad television until we passed out from exhaustion :)

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  1. The captain Cook looks Wonderful.... all dark and rocky and moody! And to top it off it has a Mini-pub???? THAT is the sign of Perfection to a miniaturist! What a way to spend a rainy day! :)


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