Sunday, February 26, 2012

William and Mary House roofs under construction

After a busy few days, here's what the WAMH looks like this morning:

It looks so much more like a house now :) 

First of all, I built the front of the kitchen roof, with a backing plate all around the opening which will support the removable panel that will include the dormer.

And here is the massive hipped roof that David and I built out of 1/8" plywood combined with trigonometric calculations and profuse bad language:

After all that, it's still not perfect, but it's not glued down yet, and anything still wrong with it I can disguise in the finishing :)

And here's one of the chimneys that fit into the hip of the roof:  made from a nominal 2 x 4 and cut at the angle of the hip, the long piece becomes the chimney and the short piece becomes the chimney breast inside. 

I'm looking over at this beast on my worktable, and the thought strikes me:  this is one freakin' huge dolls' house! I mean, I knew the dimensions going into this, but I didn't really picture it as a concrete reality.  And it's been growing so very slowly over the years, that I'm a little shocked, now that the roof is on, to see the final proportions :)

I also think it's going to be really beautiful, if I don't screw up the outside!

David and I are off to Halifax for a double theatrical bill of two plays by Christopher Marlowe -- so I'll talk to you later!


  1. Looks wondeful! Wishing to see next steps ;)

  2. Well done you on working out the roof - a tricky exercise! The building is looking really good.

  3. Me again! There's a little something on my blog for you. Please pop over and take a look.

    1. Given there are four blogs, I should have given you the link:

      Irene x

  4. I Love seeing the Whole House coming together, Nina! It looks really good!I can't wait to see more details!

  5. it is not a house, it is a great mansion with elegant touch. congrats


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