Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hello! I'm back!

Oh my dears.  I'm so sorry!  I'd like to thank everyone who wrote me, asking how things were -- all is well.  David's health is good and I've just been really busy with my one woman show which closed last weekend, quite successfully.

Just a quick update about a few of the things I've been working on, then I'll put up a post tomorrow (I hope) for the giveaways.

I've been embroidering up a storm over the last few months.  Here are some of the things I've completed or almost completed:

The dragon rug just needs to be finished off -- the stitching is done, Hallelujah!  I've been working on it since before the England trip, in fact it was my travel project :)  The rest are all cushions, most of them patterns from Felicity Price's book Needlepoint 1 12 scale projects.  The one in the middle of the bottom row is from a Janet Granger kit -- it's the cushion pattern Yvonne.  A really lovely design, fiddly to stitch but worth it.

Eva and I have been working on House of Miniatures kits at Knitwits.  I love these kits, at least the ones that are not upholstered.  I've had NO joy with settees, sofas or wing chairs :(  They just don't work for me, but the straight-up wooden ones are fabulous.  I buy them as cheaply as I can on eBay -- just search for "house miniature kit".

I just finished this dower chest, and found it really easy to complete. It's going to live in David's workshop in the attic of the William and Mary house.  I love everything about this little piece -- from the chest top to the drawer to the turned legs.

Eva just completed this lovely Queen Anne side table on Thursday.  She worked very carefully at it, and did a lovely job. Such a useful table!

And I made up this tavern table kit a few weeks ago.  If you get a chance to pick up one of these (they come in two sizes,  this one, a smallish sqaure one, and a larger rectangular one), and it works with your project, do pick it up.  It's a very easy kit and I love the results!  Perfect for a tea table, games table or in a pub or kitchen.

More tomorrow, my darlings, and I'll scurry around and try to get caught up on all your blogs!




  1. You've been missed Nina, but I guessed you were busy working! Great to see you back and what wonderful embroidery work too! I love the kits that you have made too. :o))

    Michelle xx

  2. Thanks so much, Michelle -- I've missed the mini world achingly, but for some reason just didn't make time to post or even read other people's blogs. I tend to get tunnel vision when I'm working on something, part of being slightly obsessive, I'm sure :)

    I hope you've been well?

  3. The dragon rug is amazing! You have done very good job with your works.

  4. Very beautiful works.Tudor style is not my style but your miniatures have coach my heart.
    Best Compliments!
    Sonya from Roma

  5. Good to 'hear' your blog voice again, Nina! Was the show a singing one?

    The needlepoint is exquisite - beautifully done!
    And the dower chest - lovely!

  6. Hi Nina! Welcome back to blogland! You were missed for sure! Glad to hear all is well and that your show was a success! I guess it didn't keep you from minis..... you have made quite a few! The needlework is gorgeous and very inspiring! The dragon reminds me of a needlepoint footstool my Grandmother stitched in 1:1 scale many years ago! Can't wait to see what else you have been up to!

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  8. Welcome back Nina! I am happy to know that your absence has been productive on all fronts :-) Forgive me if I dont wrote: since Ira has disappeared, and no one hears, I have the fear of asking questions ... But know that I miss you very much, I thought of you often. Now I'm waiting with joy you give away.
    All of your recent works are wonderful, your embroideries very precious!
    I love the dragon :-)
    Mini lovely hugs, Flora

  9. I wondered where you'd got too but you've certainly been busy. Lots of lovely new things to see too and the needlework is lovely. Welcome back!

  10. todos los trabajos que muestra son preciosos la alfombra dragón me parece muy original, y la terminación de esos muebles me gusta muchísimo.
    un abrazo

    All shows are precious works dragon carpet seems very original, and the completion of the furniture I love.
    a hug

  11. Thanks so much for your comments, everyone :) Flora -- Ira has disappeared? Dear Lord, that's scary. No one knows what's happened?


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