Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallowe'en theme project -- Bat Cushion

Happy Hallowe'en to all the witch, wizard and spooky aficionados out there! As a Hallowe'en gift for my fellow miniaturists, here's a little bat cushion I designed and the pattern for it.

This is quite a dainty cushion, stitched in stem stitch on 22 canvas.  If you want to make it bigger, or want to stitch it on a smaller canvas, then you could add an expanded border :)

Here's the pattern chart:

As always, this is my own design, and I'm thrilled for you to make as many as you like for yourself or for gifts.   (Just a note -- the little sample in the top photo doesn't have the contrasting grey sections shown in the pattern because I didn't have any grey floss :))


  1. Happy Halloween to you, too!! :)
    The bat cushion is fun - thankyou for sharing the pattern (does the cushion squeak when you lean on it?) :))

  2. heh heh heh, Glenda :) It should! It should also be able to echo-locate your dolls's house's inhabitants lost keys and loose change ...

  3. che bello!!! tutto questo è fantastico


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