Saturday, January 26, 2013

Janet Granger's January sale is still on!

I just bought some silk gauze and a kit to make an embroidery on a needlepoint stand from Janet Granger, who has a sale going on.

If you've ever wanted to start doing 1:12 scale needlepoint, this is a great chance to pick up a kit for less. I started with a cushion kit from Janet, and haven't looked back :)  She also has kits on silk gauze for people who want more of a challenge!

And her postal rates are great -- my order is shipping for 1.50 GBP to Canada.


  1. OOh, thanks for the tip, Nina! Maybe if I had a Kit I would get going on my own projects with less trepidation!!!

  2. It really does help, Daydreamer :) And a cushion is a very easy first project ...


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