Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WAM Bedroom, dressed, and a carpet in progress

I was trying out some furniture in the WAM bedroom and took a picture :)  This is not the bed that will be used here, but it's the right size and mass (and I put a scrap of the burgundy velvet I'm going to use for the hangings over it).  The room is pretty small, for all this large furniture, but that'll be okay, I guess! You can see the two (as yet unfinished) wig stands I bought in England earlier this year, one of which I hope will eventually hold a miniature perruke for the man of the house!

My mini making is taking place mostly in the evenings when I work on my needlepoint.  Here's the carpet I'm making for this room (the colours look redder in this photo than they actually are, I think):

The chart is from Meik and Ian McNaughton's book "Making Miniature Oriental Rugs and Carpets", with major changes in the colours :)  It's on 22 ct canvas.  Since joining the Petitpointers over at Yahoo, I've decided to man up, and start working on silk gauze, and I have just the project to get me started -- that Willow pattern bellpull kit I bought earlier this year from Janet Granger!


  1. I like the colours you've chosen - very cosy! It's nice to have a little play to get the feel for a room, I think.

    (I have a "wig in waiting" - waiting on the Lawyer to take residence in The Tenement. At the moment his room's not ready and besides, he's too busy working on "important cases"!)

  2. I admire you Nina! It is just too dark to work with needles when I come back home.:( The carpet looks good already, love the colours!.:)

  3. Lawyers do tend to be busy, Irene :)

    Thanks, Ewa! It's dark here, too, which has been putting me off doing the smaller petit point ...

  4. Dear Nina, I'm sorry to be overworked lately, and lose more than one post ... I love this new room and I agree with Irene, the colors are perfect, as well as all accessories. I can not wait to see the wig :-)
    I embrace with great affection and I wish you good embroidery :-)

  5. My darling Flora! It's so good to hear from you :) I don't exactly know what I'm going to do about the wig -- it will be interesting!

  6. Nina, it is so tantalizing to see this room coming together! I LOVE the red velvet.... and your carpet is just heavenly! One of these days.... or years, I will take the time to really learn the needlepoint stitches! It is very helpful to see what you are doing even partly done.... I never know how to go from one color to the next... I can't wait to see this done!

  7. Hi, Daydreamer! Thanks so much for the compliments -- I love warm rich colours, and I was thrilled when I found the fine textured stretch velvet, which really reads well in scale.

    Let me encourage you to try the needlepoint stuff. Honestly, I just taught myself by doing it, and figuring it out as I went along. I love the fact that there's only really two stiches to deal with, unlike embroidery in general, which makes my tiny mind boggle :)


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